cpt - connect proxy tunnel

macarony.de: cpt - connect proxy tunnel

Linux macarony.de 3.10 - 2014/08/11

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guest@macarony:~$ ls
option_ge0201_umts@ disclaimer@ impressum project/
guest@macarony:~$ cd project
guest@macarony:~/project$ ls
isbf/ cpt/ sim/ BinClock MIT_license
guest@macarony:~/project$ cd cpt
guest@macarony:~/project/cpt$ ls
cpt-1.3.tar.gz@ Changelog@ README@
guest@macarony:~/project/cpt$ cat cpt

cpt aims to be running in front of any https server. It forwards all requests that don't call for a "CONNECT .." to the normal https server. There is no error handling for misbuild requests. They go straight forward to the default server. A request that doesn't pass the conditions is passed forward too, the webserver will handle it (with the default error page). There will be no awareness that cpt is running as proxy.