sim - bitlbee: small/simple instant messaging sim - bitlbee: small/simple instant messaging

Linux 3.10 - 2014/08/11

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guest@macarony:~$ ls
option_ge0201_umts@ disclaimer@ impressum project/
guest@macarony:~$ cd project
guest@macarony:~/project$ ls
isbf/ cpt/ sim/ BinClock MIT_license
guest@macarony:~/project$ cd sim
guest@macarony:~/project/sim$ ls
sim.1@ sim_screenshot.txt@ sim-1.1.2.tar.gz@ Changelog@ csim.png@
guest@macarony:~/project/sim$ cat sim

sim - bitlbee: simple instant messaging sim is an irc client specialized for use with bitlbee it is based on sic (
sic is an extremly fast, small and simple irc client. It reads commands from standard input and prints all server output to standard output. It multiplexes also all channel traffic into one output, that you don't have to switch different channel buffers, that's actually a feature.
sim must be customized by editing its source code (insert username, server, pass, identification)
csim is a simple bash script to colorize and modify sim output.